Koornneef Cucumbers

  • A Tradition of Quality From the Green House Door to the Super Market Shelf

    You can count on Koornneef cucumbers for the kind of consistent quality and crisp freshness that keep customers coming back. In every case, you'll find cucumbers that are tender green outside, seedless in side and totally edible. And because we take great care to pack only the best, you have the confidence of knowing yield- and profit--will be optimized


    • Koornneef Cucumbers

  • Our Commitment!

    Today the Koornneef fleet delivers exceptional produce twelve months a year to a growing number of customers across North America! And while much has changed our commitment remains constant.


    We are proud of our product!

    The vegetables and tender fruit that bear the name of Koornneef are unrivalled in quality, freshness and a taste. Equally important, the relationships we build with our customers continue to reflect the highest levels of integrity, commitment and trust!

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    We at Koornneef take great pride in all of our quality produce and assure 100 percent satisfaction! If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us anytime. We are more than glad to hear from you.